Olympic Gold Medalist Jennifer Botterill

An Olympic medal represents dedication, relentlessly honed talent, a thirst for excellence and a love of the game.  The athletes who compete at this level help create a place on the podium for their country.

No stranger to success or the hard work needed to achieve it, Jennifer Botterill holds 4 Olympic medals, 5 World Championship titles and a BA (Hons) in Psychology from Harvard University.

Jennifer recently helped launch Secret Clinical Sport Marathon Fresh Scent and Secret’s new ‘Inspirations’ program aimed at “helping Canadian females find the personal strength, sources of inspiration and motivation to realize their dreams.”

VG: How did you get into Hockey?

JB: I started playing when I was 13yrs old because it was fun.  I think it’s very important to love what you do and to just have fun with it.

VG: How did Vancouver 2010 compare to your previous Olympics?

JB: Every day took my breath away. There were times when it was really hard, but it was worth it.  Every Canadian watching the games made the experience what it was.  We felt the energy of the crowd and we wanted to make it happen.

VG: In light of the strong showing Canada’s female athletes had at Vancouver 2010, what advice would you give our readers?

JB: Definitely, I felt that our stories were told.  Sport is applicable to everything we do in life and I hope that girls who watched the games will be inspired to get involved.  It can be hockey or yoga or hiking… anything you enjoy that gets you active.

Jennifer graciously posed for a few photographs and even let me hold her Gold Medal.  How did that feel?  Well, the clouds parted, the sun came out and I’m pretty sure I could hear Whitney’s ‘One Moment in Time!’