Oh We Love Willow

VERVEGIRL: What does it means to be a 21st Century Girl?

WILLOW SMITH: To be a 21st Century Girl means that you’re practicing at what you wanna do and that you’re being adventurous and you’re being confident and you’re being yourself.

VG: What fans can expect from your first album?
WS: It’s gonna be a party beat, and I want people to feel the emotions that I did when I was recording the songs. And my music has a positive message to it, so [I] hope people pick it up.
VG: What do you like most about making music videos?
WS: I like trying out new clothes, and trying out new hairstyles, trying out new make-up, and experiencing another side of myself in music videos.
VG: What has been your favorite part of shooting your first music video? 
WS: The favorite part about shooting the music video is, I think, being around friends and family. Kind of sharing this experience with them – it’s almost like being in it together, in a way, because, I’m 10 years old and can’t do it alone.
VG: How have your parents helped your music and acting career? 
WS: When I’m not doing really good or I’m kind of like down- toned or something, my dad is always like “well, push through it, you can do this.” And on my mom’s side it’s like “do you wanna take a break or to like refresh yourself?” But when I’m doing good, my Dad’s like “Go Bean!” and my Mom’s like “keep the flavor, baby!” You know, that’s what she says.
VG: Who’s on your iPod?
WS: Well, Eminem. I like Pink. I like Paramore, Florence and [the] Machine, Jessie J. – I love her.
VG: Do you play any instruments?
WS: I play the guitar and piano, but I… I’m kind of not very good at the guitar… It’s kind of hard for me.
VG: What is your favorite fashion accessory?
WS: My shoes… my shoes. Definitely.
VG: What item can you never leave the house without?
WS: My phone. Okay, on the set of 21st Century Girl, I lost my phone and we did not shoot. I was like “I got to find my phone.” And then when I found my phone, we shot the video.



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