Obesity Epedemic in Canada – Children and Youth

There is always pressure to look better, whether it’s coming from you or from others. People can generally overlook the health factor and concern themselves more with appearance. Being overweight can cause several health problems that are much more alarming then simply not liking your appearance. The obesity epidemic no longer affects only adults, it is now being said that children of the new generation won’t live past their parents. I find that extremely sad and won’t accept it.  I think people should be aware of what their kids are consuming and make an effort to prevent this prediction. Common and dangerous health problems include high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, heart failure and an early demise.


When I was growing up, I ate huge portions of food, drank sugary drinks and was generally not a very active kid. I thankfully found cheerleading and realized how out of shape I was, I decided to stop drinking sugary drinks all together when I was about 12 years old. Then with more physical activity and me maturing I began eating healthier and feeling better. I don’t believe its right to tell a kid their number on the scale should drop, or they should focus on getting skinny. I think what’s important is focussing children and youth on being conscious about what their eating and the amount of it in comparison with their activity level. No one’s goal should be to be skinny, because that isn’t good either. I think it would be great if kids could start saying “wow that person is in great shape!” instead of “wow that person is so skinny”. Everyone’s body type is different so scale numbers shouldn’t matter, what really matters is how you feel and how healthy your body is on the inside.