“O Canada”

“With a glowing heart” I participated along side Miss Teen Vancouver in the Vancouver Canada Day Parade to celebrate the 145th birthday of our wonderful country. With crowds of proud and cheering Canadians lining the streets of West Georgia and Burrard we rode the parade route in a silver convertible while waving to the crowd and flying our nation’s flag.

This year was the 4th annual Canada Day parade in Vancouver. The parade features various participants, recognizing our country’s diversity, multiculturalism and freedom.

We were honoured to be placed behind Miss & Mr World Canada’s convertible in the parade line-up. Before the parade began we also met and took pictures with Miss & Mr World Canada–Tara Teng and Ron Wear. They were both extremely nice, it was great to have the opportunity to meet and talk with them.

While preparing for the parade, there were many passersby as well as parade participants who stopped and asked to take pictures with us. We were more than honoured to do so and had a fabulous time meeting and discussing our titles and the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant with the various parade participants and community members.

To conclude our country’s birthday I attended the Burrard Inlet fireworks at Canada Place in celebration of Canada Day. The fireworks show was extraordinary and a great way to end the day.

–Hope everyone had a fabulous Canada Day!! (: