No Longer a Freshman

I wrote my last final exam! I have my marks back and am happy to say have successfully completed my first year of a four-year commerce degree program at the Edwards School of Business in Saskatoon.

The prospect of starting a post-secondary education was intimidating but ultimately rewarding. There are many options and decisions, lots of assignments and exams. There is also opportunity to meet new people and endless possibilities.

Tips for First Year Success:

1. Explore the campus and find your classes before the first day of class.
2. Public transit may be your best option.
3. Second-hand textbooks are readily available from other students or at the campus bookstore.
4. Be open to new ideas and possibilities.
5. Work harder than you’ve ever worked before. You’ll have to do a
lot more than you did in high school to be successful.
6. Get involved in campus life; join clubs or sports and visit popular campus hangouts to meet new people.
7. Study groups are common and a great way to meet people.
8. Always attend class.
9. Learn to love coffee.
10. Get to know your professors.
11. Learn organizational skills.
12. Pay attention – You are paying a lot of money for university classes and are there to learn.

Edwards School of Business