Nina Dobrev Pics & Facts Part 2

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Nina Dobrev Pics and Facts 6-10

by Jackie Middleton

6. At the height of her Degrassi popularity, Nina and Degrassi co-star Lauren Collins posed on the cover of Vervegirl Magazine in 2007!

Nina Dobrev on the cover of Vervegirl Magazine


7. Nina portrayed Alley, the lead character in the MTV made-for-TV movie, “The American Mall”. The flick, produced by the Disney team that brought you “High School Musical” gave Nina the opportunity to display her musical flare & sassy dance moves.

8. Nina’s acting career is so successful that she had to put her post-secondary education on hold. After leaving Ryerson University’s sociology program in 2008, she successfully won the lead role of Elena in “The Vampire Diaries”. A flurry of Nina Dobrev pics and fan-run websites now follow her every move!

Photo credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

9. “The Vampire Diaries” TV series is based upon a series of beloved books. Some fans were concerned with Nina being cast as Elena — since Elena has blonde hair in the books. Once the TV series made its debut, all fears were put to rest. Brunette Nina was the perfect choice to play Elena!

10. Nina and her Vampire Diaries co-stars appeared in an American Red Cross advertising campaign for blood donations aimed at high school & university aged fans. Vampires… blood… the perfect combination for a blood donor drive!

Check out a clip of Nina from CW’s The Vampire Diaries!

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