Nick Carter Rocks The CNE


So I’ll start off with stating that, this isn’t a post about One Direction or The Wanted, but as a child of the ’90’s, I would be remis not to write about Nick Carter’s concert last night at The CNE. It was an experience that I have been waiting for since I was… let’s say 10 years old. Being so close to the stage and seeing The Backstreet Boys up-close was always something I wished for as a kid. And although, I’ve always been a “Brian girl” myself, my excitement in seeing Nick could not be contained. Putting on a killer performance at the CNE bandshell, Nick treated fans to an array of songs, some from his very first solo album, his latest album “Taking Off” and of course a few Backstreet songs had to be a part of the set list, marking the kick-off to his upcoming “Taking Off Tour”. As for The Backstreet Boys, they guys just finished recording in London last month for their upcoming album which will reunite them with Kevin Richardson who left the group after the release of “Incomplete” (Inside voice screaming: “YAY!”) The album may not be out yet but I am already looking forward to the tour.