Nick Cannon Makes It Pop

By Angela McLean

Nick Cannon does it all – he’s a musician, actor, businessman, media mogul and the co-creator and executive producer of the hit show MAKE IT POP! If you haven’t watched the show yet, you’re missing out on something BIG! It follows four music-loving friends – Sun-Hi (Megan Lee), Corki (Erika Tham), Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and Caleb (Dale Whibley) – who form a K-pop-inspired band while attending classes at their school, Mackendrick Prep. Talk about an awesome extra-curricular activity!

XO-IQ - MAKE IT POP, Season TwoMAKE IT POP’s second season, which premiered in January, has given fans new characters, new drama and new music and become one of YTV’s top-rated programs. Just before filming for season two wrapped up, Nick flew out to surprise the cast on set and filmed a special cameo for the finale.

In the finale airing on YTV February 4 at 7:30 p.m. ET, the pressure is on as Sun-Hi, Jodi, Corki and Caleb do final preparations for XO-IQ’s first ever nationally televised performance. In the midst of romantic tensions, new life-changing offers and a serious threat from Mackendrick’s Principal Diona to shut down the performance, will the band be able to pull it together in time to wow their star-packed audience? No spoilers here: you will have to watch to find out!

Vervegirl sat down with Nick Cannon on set for an exclusive chat about his role on the show, bringing K-pop out west and how MAKE IT POP makes it pop.

Vervegirl: Nick, you’re back in Toronto to shoot a guest spot on MAKE IT POP. What can you tell us about your role?

My role is me! I made a cameo last season as myself and it’s the same thing this time around. We find out that I’m an alumnus of Mackendrick Prep and now I’m actually trying to spread the news and the word about some cool things that are going down at the school. It’s a lot of fun!

VG: Fans of the show may be surprised to know you are one of the co-creators and executive producers! Take us through some of the fun things you do.

I am very involved! I get to look over storylines when the writers are writing but I think it all goes back to the original concept which is what I created. I had really wanted to produce a show in the world of K-pop. My executive stuff at Nickelodeon and in the development phase is making sure that this show gets picked up every season. Everyone’s so talented and I’m very happy.

Dale Whibley and Nick Cannon on set of MAKE IT POPVG: When you were creating the show, what was your vision?

Ultimately, I wanted to do a show about K-pop and I thought it would be really cool to show K-pop set out west. My partner Tommy Lynch and I got together and figured out some cool things, started doing some worldwide casting and here we are today.

VG: If you could have any K-pop artist guest star on the show, who would you choose?

G-Dragon for sure. (FUN FACT: Dale Whibley, who plays Caleb on the show, told us on set that he is a big fan of G-Dragon! Check out more of our interview with Nick and Dale here.)

VG: Season two of MAKE IT POP features a lot of great, catchy music, which is all featured on XO-IQ’s new album, ‘Tomorrow Is Ours.’ Which song is your favourite?

I don’t have a favourite – they’re all great!

VG: How do you think MAKE IT POP makes it pop?

I think MAKE IT POP is cool, innovative and something that’s never really been on television before. To bring music and comedy all together in each episode sets the show apart.

Thank you, Nick! Follow Nick on Twitter @NickCannon and don’t miss the season finale of MAKE IT POP on YTV February 4 at 7:30 p.m ET.