Niall James Horan <3 leperchaun

Out of all pictures i’v picked this one, i think he just looks so amazayn, his hair looks so perfect and his face and eyes and everything <3

He’s talented, he’s Irish, he’s beautiful, he’s hungry, he’s funny, he’s our everything. We won’t ever let anyone hurt him. Whenever he smiles, we smile. He’s perfection, inside and out. He has the voice of an angle. He means the entire world to us and no one will ever change that. We’d do everything just to hear his beautiful laugh. We’d do everything to get him some food when he’s hungry. We’d risk our life for him, ever though he doesn’t know we exist. This boy is perfection. We love you Nialler, our little handsome leprechaun. <3 ~ Nandos <3

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