like if you love Niall!<3 please help me win his notebook!

I’m sure we all know Niall, from our favorite boy band. Well you might not have known is insecure. Crazy right? How can someone with such a gorgeous face, cute smile and adorable personality be so unsure of them self? Well my posting this picture shows that i am a true Directioner and that i love Niall with all my heart. My best friend and I want to sing a remixed version of what makes you beautiful to him, because he is sooo beautiful and he really doesn’t know it. We’ll be getting the opportunity to meet him at the 2013 North America tour so i’ve been like choosing something really specail to say to him. My name is twila and i forever and always a directioner and i love Niall so much. Pleases vote to show your love for our Nialler <3! :) xx