Like for Niall Horan, the cutest Leprechaun alive ;)

Hey! So I know there are so many directioners out there, that love Niall as much as I do and would want this notebook as well, but it would legit mean the world if I won it. I really love everything about Niall inside out and despite me not ever personally meeting them, this would be one of the best contests gifts I have ever won. I would do anything to get this notebook, and to be honest, I have probably repeatedly watched the youtube video of 1D so many times. Actually, I love all of one direction equally. If someone ever asks me who I like the best it is impossible to choose because they are all so unique. They have completely different personalities and voices, like they are all a different person and I can never ever choose in between them. I really would just thank them though because their video diaries, their songs, their interviews, like literally everything they do or related to them cheers me up on my saddest days. Also, it was IMPOSSIBLE to choose my favorite picture of Niall because all of his pictures are just so beautiful <3 But at the end I chose this picture, I feel like there was something special because when I saw it, I just couldn’t stop smiling :)


Sorry for the super long message!! But Pleasee like this picture <3 it would mean literally the world if I win this <3