Niall Horan <3

Niall gets upset when he sees a girl cry.

He once said, “I will always defend the people I love, even though I am terrifying as a baby penguin.”

Everyone in the band says that Niall gives the best hugs.

Niall once said, “The fans always tell me I’m beautiful, but no one will ever be beautiful as them.”

Once, an interviewer asked the boys what was the one thing they could live without, the other boys answered hair wax, mobile, and a laptop. Niall answered, “My heart.”

Niall gave money to a homeless man.

He cried at the Dublin concert.

He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him.

When a security guard tried to stop a girl from getting near Niall, he replied, “No, I want to hug her.”

Niall bought his mom a car.

He always says yes when ‘fans’ ask him to marry him.

He cried while watching the Notebook, Marley and Me and Finding Nemo.

He loves to cuddle.

He once waxed his legs for charity.

He is one of the most perfect human beings.

He is always himself and never tries to be someone he’s not.

He can always make people smile.

He is beautiful, smart, funny, down to earth and nice to everyone.

Niall James Horan, you are BEAUTIFUL. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

I love you <3