What are the New Cities doing? They are on their cross-country “Kill the Lights Tour.” Check out what they have to say!


Hey all from the road!! We’re working with Vervegirl to share with you some exclusive access to a few moments of ours during our current Canadian tour. Let’s start simple but quite awesome… Day 1 of being back in Canada after driving back from L.A. is in Vancouver. Back to the cold but super excited about shooting a brand new music video for our new single “Mugshot” ! Fun fun fun times! Can you guess what it’s about? Can’t wait til you guys see it!




Keeping the theme of our all Canadian tour… we arrived in Kamloops wondering, “what’s more typically Canadian??.. beans? maple syrup? poutine?… nahh..  Tim Hortons!” and colored gingerbread bears apparently… What’s our age again??  PS: Let’s never make those faces again.

(photo, David Brown Nick Denis, and gingerbread bears)



“After playing a show in Edmonton, we continued driving east and decided to stop for dinner. Yes people, this is how we spent Valentine’s Day. Group dinner and our first attempt at a panoramic picture. Which almost didn’t fail…almost. PS: Who took the picture??”


“Next stop, Regina! Got to the venue on time to witness the arrival of the trains.

Yes yes, there is a train station right by the venue. Again, how Canadian!”