Networking for Positive Change.

Ceilidh Millar - be the change at
Vancouver We Day, filming the "Halloween for Hunger" campaign video with Craig Kielburger.

Our generation is known as the “plugged-in” generation. We have grown up with digital communication and it is part of our everyday life. The use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter let us stay connected to people near and far, and has created a virtual community. This technology has enabled us to spread the message about social initiatives that benefit people around the world. Canadian youth have become citizens of this online global village, advocating for others less fortunate.

 I volunteer with a number of organizations and help raise awareness for a variety of causes. Dedicated and passionate about these causes, I promote these initiatives through electronic networking. Many of my friends have become involved in organizations such as Free the Children, Amnesty International, and Me to We through online advocacy. Sites such as Vervegirl and Facebook enable me to connect with other like-minded youth and keep me updated on events and projects happening across Canada and the world. Through online networks, I feature stories, events and opportunities to inspire and empower Canadian youth to participate in worthy causes.

 The education we receive through service is as important as our formal education. Community participation and volunteering through organizations that benefit others, exemplifies the qualities that strengthen our social fabric and enriches our lives. By giving back, we always receive more than we could possibly imagine!
Note from the Online Editor
For the month of May, the fabulous Ceilidh Millar is Vervegirl’s guest blogger!  As you will find out in Ceilidh’s blogs, she’s all about helping others and doing her part in the community.  Ceilidh is an active volunteer with various organizations like Free The Children, and she also has a love of the arts and theatre.  Vervegirl is excited to welcome Ceilidh to our blogging community!