My little irish cupcake

so trying to explain how much i love niall is going to be hard.. putting it into words? wow.. okay let me try

the picture ive uploaded it my favourite no doubt.. why? Just look at him, so care free and adorable! :)

Im pretty sure EVERYTHING nialler does is adorable! :)

His laugh makes me melt.. and dont forget about his adorable little smile… :)

The way he swears and his love for nandos just gets me :)

Im literally obessed with his eyes.. they are an absolutely amazingly stunning colour ! :)

And his voice.. dear lord in heaven his voice.. everytime i heard niall sing one of his solos i get goosebumbs and i smile uncontrollably..

Basically, Niall James Horan makes me so.. so happy <3

Basically Niall has been my favourite since the beginning, ive always had a soft spot for the adorable little irish one in the band :) He makes me smile so much and so by winning this competition .. it would make my life! it would mean the world to me if you liked this post..

because my special snowflake nialler means so much to me :)