My Hero – My “Buzz Lightyear”

Liam Payne is my inspiration because he taught me to never give up. When Liam failed to get through the judges’ houses during his X Factor experience in 2008, he became heartbroken. But he never stopped believing and here he is today, in One Direction. Liam was also bullied a lot when he was young, but now, he is respected by millions. He taught me to stay strong and believe that anything can happen.

I want to win this notebook, so I will always have a reminder of Liam with me. I will always remember to follow his footsteps and never lose hope. Liam also loves his fans more than anything and I know he has written something very heartfelt in that notebook. If I win it, I will always know how much Liam appreciates my support. Please like this post and help me win this contest!

P.S. This is my favourite picture of Liam because it shows how far he has gotten since his X Factor audition. He has been through so much, but it all paid off. It makes me believe that I can do the same as long as I keep on trying.