My Grad Trip Diary

When I first signed up for Grad Trip I had no idea what to expect. Before I knew it so many students from my school had signed up including my best friends and some people I didn’t know that well but we all starting talking more as we began counting down the days to Grad Trip 2011. The days leading up to the trip is a complete blur. I just wanted to be on the plane already! As I packed I made sure I was ready for all the theme night events I had heard about, my suitcase overflowing with grass skirts, neon tights, animal print everything & beads.

Finally it was here, the day we left home for a week with thousands of other grads. Arriving at the airport, getting checked in with one of my best friends and saying bye for a week to our families, we were beyond excited to see what Cuba had in store for us. Take off. My best friend and I could not stop talking about the fact that we were on a plane together with our friends and other grads going to CUBA! We had arrived, I heard the flight attendants telling us to unbuckle our seatbelts and the temperature in Cuba. All I could think was, whoa we are here, this is real.

Getting off the plane we were met with a heat wave, instead of snowflakes and the harsh winds of Canada. I think this might be the happiest moment of my life! Stepping foot into the resort for the first time it was absolute serenity. The resort was spacious, full of life, greenery and just where I wanted to be for that week, actually forever! We found our room got changed into our bikini’s and headed straight to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Grad Trip is so jam-packed with nonstop action it’s hard to imagine until you go. Each day consisted of activities around the pool such as Mr. & Ms. Grad Trip, School vs School Olympics, watching guys and girls compete to take home the ultimate prize for their school. Spending a day in the city of Moron, visiting the alligator farm, taking pictures holding an alligator was crazy! Moron also makes the tastiest $2 pizza’s! I’ll never forget the day we spent volunteering at a local orphanage. There’s something really moving about devoting your day to children who are just so honestly happy to have someone to spend time with.

My favourite part of the trip was each night having a theme: Graffiti, Safari, Carnival, St. Patties, Hawaiian Luau & Tight & Bright, and Graffiti definitely took home the cake. Graffiti was my favourite because you could literally ask anyone at the resort to sign your shirt, have your friends sign it and look back on it like I do today and relive all the memories from Grad Trip. One of the nights, we had a private beach event with the students from a different resort and it was so much fun to meet all those Grads as well!

Being with all my closest friends was the best part of Grad Trip. We realized that this was our time! Here we were in Cuba celebrating the 4 years of high school that was about to come to an end. It was the saddest moment of my life waking up on the last day and knowing we were all going back home. I became so close with so many people from my hometown that I wasn’t that close with before. Being with the same group of people for a week can really take a toll on you, in the best way. You become like brother and sister, always looking out for each other, but having the time of your life with them. You build so many memories with your friends that only you have, and no one can take those memories away.

Grad Trip was the ultimate experience and I would 1000% suggest it to any students out there looking for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. You will regret it if you do not attend. Our Grad 2011 group still talks to this day, the main subject being how much we miss being on Grad Trip! Thinking about going on a Grad Trip? Like Nike says, Just Do It. Toothbrush, camera, theme outfits, money for souvenirs and sunglasses is all you’ll need! You only live once, live it up on Grad Trip.