Mixing Glitz and Glam with Sports! Miss Teen North Ontario Plays in Ball Hockey Tournament

On June 30th I (Miss Teen North Ontario 2012) was lucky enough to be a part of the Celebrity ball hockey game in the Hockey Night in Canada Play On! tournament. I got to meet and play with ex-NHLers and a few of the Sudbury Wolves OHL players. Despite not having a background in hockey outside of floor hockey during school, I wasn’t afraid to get in there with all the action and I actually had a lot of fun with all the boyz!


At first no one could get anything past the goalies! But then four quick goals were scored bringing the game to a tie of 2 all. Running out of time on the clock to break the tie, the game ended with a nail-biting shootout. Unfortunately, my team ended up losing, however in our defence, their goalie must have been a professional! (LOL)

After the game ended, I drove back to Neil’s Independent Grocer to continue fundraising for Free The Children, however I didn’t return without a souvenir. And I’m not just talking about the T-shirt I got to keep. At some point in the game, I received a slash to the hand that left behind a small and bloody gouge to my finger which is then appropriately covered with a Team Canada hockey band-aid. Courtesy of my concerned little brother.

I would like to thank all the organizers of the tournament for having me and for running such a great event! I encourage anyone who likes hockey to throw a team together and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I just might have to make a team up next year! Click here to watch a bit of the game!