Miss Teen Nova Scotia-World 2012

Being crowned Miss Teen Nova Scotia-World 2012 has brought me to new opportunities, and given me a higher chance to get the word around when fighting for or bringing awareness for certain causes. Each girl, competing in the national, Miss Teen Canada-World pageant is asked to have a platform. A Platform is like stating above; A cause, activity, foundation, etc. that you would like to fight against, fight for, or raise awareness to. My Platform is raising awareness on the topicĀ of Global Poverty. In todays society and all around the world, many people are suffering and losing the battle to poverty. A force so strong that can damage family, your emotional, physical and mental standings, and your confidence. I believe by bringing awareness to this cause, it will motivate more people to help out. Helping out can be any random act of kindness. Adopting a child in africa for example, or donating shoe boxes filled with cheap, yet meaningful essentials every person needs. Something as easy as writing a letter and telling them you support them, can make a huge difference. Because – At anytime anyone can be the change, and for me that time is now.

xoxo; Miss Teen Nova Scotia-World 2012- Kelley Penney