Melanie Fiona Interview

The freshest and hottest songbird on the Toronto scene has style, wicked beats and a flavourful background.
By: Sharlotte R. Lawrence

Canada prides itself with it’s cultural diversity. Melanie Fiona is the essence of that pride coupled with fantastic talent! With ethnic roots stemming from the West Indies, India and Portugal, it’s no wonder she has a stand out sound. Fiona explains, "my music is mixed like me – I just want it to reflect who I am – you can hear my culture.  I think its unique because when I go to the States, there aren’t many West Indian/Canadian artist out there."

The title of her album encompasses all that she stands for, "I want people to automatically understand The Bridge is a symbol of what I want the album to represent.  Raised in Toronto and travelling to the US, I feel this album is my bridge to share my music to the world. I hope people appreciate that message and understand what I am trying to do.”

Fiona was surrounded by music growing up and was no stranger to the stage in her earlier years. She has fond memories of breaking into the Canadian music industry and hanging out with former Degrassi celeb, now recording artist, Drake. Fiona recollects, “Drake is one of my very good friends. We used to go down to this lounge and gig together to make pocket change. We called ourselves The Renaissance.”

It’s no secret that leaving your mark in the Canadian market is definitely tougher than crossing the border. Artists trying to make it have to put in extra time and effort. Fiona admits, "Canada is a much smaller market compared to the rest of the world. It’s really only a limited number of people who are willing to take a risk on themselves. It takes guts to jump across the border, sacrifice your comfort zone, pack your bags and do whatever it takes hoping for that big break.  Not many people have it in them, it’s a lot of hard work."

With that ambitious nature, explosive vocals and get up and go attitude, Melanie Fiona is definitely going to cause a stir on the global music scene!  For more info, visit and follow her on