Meet XO-IQ!

By Angela McLean

Megan Lee, Louriza Tronco, Erika Tham and Dale Whibley are 4 people who really know how to make it pop. They star on YTV’s newest musical comedy series MAKE IT POP, which tells the story of 4 music-loving classmates who become bandmates after they form a band called XO-IQ. The show features awesome music and dancing, cool costumes and plenty of laughs! Although all of the events on the show are fictional, XO-IQ is also a group off-screen and they gave an exciting, high-energy performance at the YTV Summer Beach Bash earlier this month.

Vervegirl sat down with XO-IQ to talk about staying in sync, attending the Kids Choice Awards and what their fans have to look forward to.

Vervegirl: XO-IQ shines on MAKE IT POP! Tell us about the show.

Megan: The show is about 4 freshmen who attend a school called Mackendrick Prep and they form a band called XO-IQ – that’s us! We tried to audition for the school play but the thing is freshmen don’t get the leads so that’s the point of the first season and all the adventures that we get into. There’s romance and really cool music.

VG: You are 4 very distinct personalities but you each complement each other. What do each of you bring to XO-IQ and how do you stay in sync?

Louriza: I think we all know each other’s strengths and what we can provide in the group and how we can help out. I’m a little more hip-hop trained and based for dance, Megan does more singing and Erika just loves being on stage and she has that flavour with the audience.

MAKE IT POPDale: We’ve really family oriented ourselves so we’re all kind of together and it keeps us at a balanced level for when we go on stage.

VG: Each of the performances on the show are amazingly well-choreographed. Did you have a dance background coming into the show?

Erika: Personally, not at all.


Erika: I honestly have never danced before the show. Megan and Louriza are both really trained and super great at what they do so they really helped me out and Addy, our choreographer, and Cora, my dance mentor, are great too.

VG: How much time do you spend learning the choreography for each episode?

Megan: It takes at least 3 hours. We are on a really tight schedule so we never have a set schedule for rehearsals. Whenever we have time between shoots we rehearse together.

VG: MAKE IT POP is co-produced by Nick Cannon. Have you had the chance to meet him and if so, what was that like?

Dale: We had some fun with him on set. Then, we had the chance to go over to the Kids Choice Awards out in Los Angeles and he walked us down the carpet. He introduced us to so many people and he was really nice to us.

Megan: He’s really cool. He played a really father-like role during the show.

VG: Why do Vervegirl readers HAVE to watch MAKE IT POP?

XO-IQ at the YTV Summer Beach BashMegan: If you love music, and drama…

Louriza: If you like being happy, then you should watch the show!

Dale: Bright colours, awesome music…

Megan: We have fun outfits!

VG: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Louriza: I love Jessie J. She’s the bomb. I think Bruno Mars just owns the stage when he’s doing his set. He has his band and everything, but he just takes over the spotlight.

Dale: A couple of DJs. DVBBS is great. They’re a great performing group. Skrillex is always great. I just love my EDM.

Megan: I love Taylor Swift, mainly because I’m totally a country girl! I play the guitar and I love to write my own music so these days I really look up to Taylor Swift.

Erika: I love Rihanna. I think she’s so effortless and just so cool.

VG: What’s next for you?

Megan: We’re working on the second season. Lots of new music!

Erika: This season is crazy. I think fans are really going to be blown away.

Megan: There’s going to be some new characters as well. People are getting hyped for season one right now but we just want to let them know that season two is even better so there’s so much to look forward to.

Dale: You have to make sure you watch season one because it gets intense. It’s a crazy stir that once you come into season two it just makes it all even better.

Get ready to make it pop with XO-IQ! MAKE IT POP makes its Canadian debut on Wednesday, September 9 with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 7:00PM EST on YTV.

Watch XO-IQ’s performance at the YTV Summer Beach Bash whenever and wherever you want by clicking to YTV’s YouTube channel.