Measuring Tape Girl Review

Measuring Tape Girl ReviewBy Eboni Morgan

These days, the media is constantly showing women that “skinny” is the only way to be gorgeous—that size 2 is sexy! Read on to find out more about Measuring Tape Girl and how it changed my definition of beautiful!

I had a great opportunity to attend the screening of Measuring Tape Girl at the National Film Board of Canada. The film is a monologue, played by actress, Jessica Embro and directed by Pasquale Marco Veltri.

This film stars a woman approaching her thirties struggling with her body image and self esteem. She goes by Measuring Tape Girl while expressing her thoughts and feelings through a vlog.

“I think we forget that that teenage girl grows up, and we haven’t resolved the issue. I think if they accepted themselves at a young age, they wouldn’t have that issue.”—Marco

Even I shed a few tears during the film. It shows that age doesn’t play a role when it comes to being insecure—no matter whom you are, you’ve dealt with it in one way or another.

“I felt like I had to play this role, just to show that everyone experiences insecurity at some time and point in their life.” —Jessica Embro

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone struggling with self confidence or body image. It helped me realize that it really is what’s on the inside that counts.



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Vervegirl asks “Are you comfortable with your body? If not, why?”

I’m pretty happy with my body; I think I’m proportioned well. As a child, my family thought different, and I was always taking trips to the doctor’s only to be put on diets to keep my weight in tact—my father wanted me to be skinny like my sister.
As I got older I realized that I didn’t have to look just like her to have a great body. It turns out she wanted the body I have! No one’s ever satisfied with what they have, but at some point you just have to accept it.—Ania M

I am very comfortable with my body. As a child in elementary school, I was always uncomfortable and shy exposing my body.  As I grew older, I started to realize that God made everybody differently, and if we were all skinny and looked the same, no one would be unique. Although my thighs are a bit curvy, and my boobs aren’t as big as I would like them to be, I am extremely grateful with the body God has blessed me with.”—Titi O.

I’m not 100% comfortable with my body. For many years of my life I’ve been compared to family members and that really got me down. I always felt like I needed to be skinny to be beautiful. I’m the curvy one in my family, so it’s hard for me to feel like I fit in! Being okay with my body is something I definitely need to work on, but I’m getting better at it—one step at a time.” —Eboni M.

Sometimes I am comfortable with my body and other times I’m not. I have no boobs, and all the fat goes to my bum. What I love most about my figure is my curves!  But on the other hand, I feel like my body is un-proportionate; my hips are too big and my boobs are too small! However I am not obese and I’m very thankful for that.” —Maia C-W.

I have been through many stages of just hate my body to going to great extents of total loathing it. I have learned to accept my body and now, I do like it. It took me a very long, but I have accepted the fact that everybody has flaws and I don’t have to look a certain way to be considered “pretty”. Everyone’s flaws are what make them different and beautiful.”—Holly H.


What are your body issues? What do you do to feel comfortable in your skin?