Me to We Interview with former child-soldier

Abigale Subdhan chats with Michel Chikwanine, former child-soldier from the Democratic Republic of Congo, at the second annual National Me to We Day.

As Vervegirl’s official reporter at the second annual National Me to We Day, I got the chance to meet some of the major players behind the Me to We cause.

What was the most painful and terrifying experience you had as a child growing up in Africa?

So many. That’s the problem with the world, that you can’t narrow it down to one thing. But, I think one terrific and tragic thing is watching schools get burned. Although I did pass through hardships of my own like being a child soldier and watching my mom get raped. But the teachers being killed, the schools being burned, the children not able to get to school to get an education That was the hardest thing for me and I really hope that war can stop and kids can go to school and have an education. Education is the solution to ending child labour and poverty. When people are educated they can advance in society.
What  do you say to motivate  youth to  become involved?

Get connected. What I mean by that is go out and research an issue that you are really passionate about. As humans, I believe that everyone is passionate about one issue, and we have to start with what we believe in and what we want to change about the world. Get connected, do research, and start doing cheerful actions every day. Give someone a hug, make it seem personal, give them a highfive, smile, and do small actions like instead of buying a water bottle, bring a reusable one. The third action is get involved with whatever it is that you are passionate about. Truly get involved with it. If you are passionate about an issue and you want to change it, use your talent to help that issue.

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