Marc Anthony’s Easy-Lites™ Instant Highlighting System

Hey Vervegirls!  In just 2 easy steps you can create permanent salon, natural, sun-kissed highlights any time of year with Marc Anthony’s Easy-Lites™ Instant Highlighting System.

If you are a brunette, redhead or blonde (either natural or colour treated) this product is for you. It is super easy to use whether you want a sun-kissed look or all over lightening – you are in control of the end result.

What you will need to use this product:

• Easy-Lites™ Instant Highlighting Spray (provided)

• Plastic gloves (provided)

• Flat iron (recommended 350 – 450˚F)

Items we recommend you have:

Fine tooth comb or a tail comb

 Here is how you use it for that sun-kissed look:

 STEP 1:

  • On clean dry hair, select 1 – 3 sections of hair at a time to highlight (1/4 – 1/2 inch sections recommended). Use your fingers or a tail comb to weave and select multiple sections.
  • With gloves on, hold the product 2 inches away from hair and spray on the entire section thoroughly and evenly (do not over-saturate). Run your fingers down the section to distribute the product evenly.


  • Using a heated flat iron (min. 350°F) pass the flat iron over the sprayed sections 5 – 7 times and watch highlights appear. Be sure to keep the flat ironing moving in a steady motion as you pass over each section (it is normal to see steam and hear a slight hissing sound while the heat passes over the product until fully dry). For greater lightening, repeat steps 1 and 2 on the same section until you achieve your desired shade. Repeat the process on additional sections as desired.

If you are looking for all over lightening, follow these steps- ( this is recommended for shades of light brown, dark blonde and lighter hair colours.)

  • After shampooing and conditioning, spray thoroughly and evenly all over towel dried hair from roots to ends (surface and underneath sections), then blow dry and style as desired. For maximum lightening use a flat iron or curling iron when styling. Hair continues to lighten more with each use. May be repeated for 3 – 5 uses or until you achieve your desired shade.

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