Maddy Rodriguez listen to her song “Don’t Play With My Heart”

Another one to watch: When Maddy Rodriguez defines herself, she does so without hesitation, saying simply: “I write songs.” For the Toronto-based singer/songwriter and recording artist, music means everything. “It’s life,” she adds. On her debut independent record, Don’t Be a Stranger, Rodriguez shares her musical and personal life with a 12-song set of acoustic guitar–based, country/pop that dwells on meeting every challenge and transition in life – large or small – head on and without regret. In fact, the title track, the final song written for the record, is about a major transition Rodriguez was making during the recording process, graduating from high school and saying goodbye to some of her closest friends. “For the title track to be a song dedicated to my friends was perfect. It sums up the record and where I am right now.” Don’t Be a Stranger, Maddy’s debut album, will be in select stores in Canada and on iTunes worldwide on March 6, 2012.

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