Love Story by Jennifer Echols Review

By Giselle San Miguel


Love Story by Jennifer EcholsTHE REVIEW

As soon as I started reading I was in love with the author’s tone and creativity. She opens up the story with such drama that is just too good to pass up. It starts off with Erin’s story: a romantic lustful tryst about a wealthy girl who is heir to her grandmother’s horse empire. Erin’s story is not fiction after all, it’s based on her relationship with her childhood friend Hunter Allen, the good-looking, blonde, blue-eyed charmer.

I was definitely rooting for Erin and Hunter to declare their love for one another. It was so blatantly obvious they were in love. Keeping me in the dark about why Erin was mad at Hunter was just one of the reasons I couldn’t put the book down. I loved how Jennifer Echols breaks the plot of the book with the actual stories they submitted for Gabe, their creative writing professor. The stories were written beautifully and I was hoping for more. Although I did admire how brilliantly real these characters were. They made mistakes just like any normal college student. And I loved how the “rich” girl went out and got a real job to support herself. She wanted a real career and did not rely on her family’s wealth to get it.

I believe if you’re looking for a romantic plot with relatable characters then this novel is for you.



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