Lil Mama’s Doing Big Things

Her lipgloss is poppin’. Her lipgloss is cool. Oh, and she and Avril Lavigne might be plotting to steal your boyfriend.
    Lil Mama has accomplished a lot since graduating a year-and-a-half ago, and with this month’s release of her debut album, Voice of the Young People, she’s poised to accomplish a whole lot more. We spoke with the rising star about music, school and representing the youth.
By Nicola Six

Vg: What’s it like graduating high school and jumping straight into a career in music?
LM: It was something I was working towards while I was studying in high school. When it was time for me graduate, it took off before I could get a chance to go to college. It was crazy because my actual first real job is my dream. It’s a true blessing, something to thank God for each day.

High schools are infamous for being clique-ey. What group did you fall into?
LM: I was with everybody from the kids in the wheelchairs to the extra shy kids, to the people who were popular for whatever reason. I was with all crowds. I’d move around and rap and read poetry and sing songs with the band, so I was pretty much all around.

Vg: What are you trying to achieve with this album?
LM: I’m trying to be the voice of the young people, like the title says. Hip hop is changing so much that I just want to bring back a fresh voice and say some of the things that the youth really want to express, from the worst to the best. I recorded party tracks, conscious records, everything.

Photo courtesy of Sony BMG