Liam Payne the sweetest, most dashing, spoon hating, lover boy <3

Please please please click away at that heart button!! I literally spiral into sexual frustration looking at at this photo O_O!!   When I think of Liam I think of not only how amazing of and singer and looker he is, but mostly his dedication to his fans!!! Like come on, how many times does Justin Bieber show us his toothbrush or offer to play call of duty ?! I also find that Liam is the only one in the band that really takes time out to show how much he wanted this dream and that he appreciates all the screaming fans, letters, and love we give him! Wether its through Tweets, video blogs, or telling those lucky ones in person he never passes up the chance to thank us!!It makes me SOOO happy that he include us goofballs in his everyday life!!! <33333 I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART AND IT WOULD BE AN HONNOR TO HAVE A PEICE OF HIM !!!!!!!