Liam Payne is amazing

So, umm, I don’t really know what to write… Liam Payne is one of the sweetest guys to ever walk this earth. He spends time tweeting fans, doing twitcams, and just being here for his fans. He kinda changed my life. He inspired me to audition for X Factor USA. He showed me to never give up. When he was kicked off the X factor in 2008, he was pretty much heart broken, but he was determined. He was ready to show the world that he can do it. Liam James Payne didn’t give up, and he’s at the top of the world. He showed me that dreams really can come true if you are determined enough to reach them. He’s at the top of the world with four of his best mates, because he didn’t give up.  Thank you Liam Payne. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for caring about your fans so much. If I’m EVER famous, I wanna be just like him. He takes time to follow and tweet his fans. He even does twitcams! He’s just an amazing role model for everyone to look up to. I’m just pretty much speechless for this boy. He changed my life, he made a lot of people feel better about themselves. He’s just so nice! I can’t even put into to words how much Liam means to me.  Him and his girlfriend Danielle are soo cute together! She is soo nice, too! She definately deserves him. I hope she understands how lucky she is. He’ll never read this, but I would just love for him to know all he’s done for everyone. I love you, Liam. Thank you for all you’ve done <3 xx
~ @madabout1D29113