Let Malik You Up && Downn !!

Vas’ happening loveliee Zaynsters! Hope your day is going great & you can help make mine just a little better by just showing some love and clicking the little ♥ (heart) abovee!! I cant say that i’ve been to their concert cuz i haven’t & i cant say that i met them, because i wasnt able to.. but when i close my eyes, it makes me feel alot closer to my heros & as if nothing matters anymore! Please help me get a little more closer & help me win this! It’d mean the WORLD to me if i won & i cant do it with out you all!! Please spread the word && touch my heart (no homo) 😉 …  && Yes, my last name IS LEGALLY Malik!! ♥x

                                                             Thaank youu!! (:♥x