Knock Out New Year’s Plans

No plans yet for NYE? Vervegirl to the rescue!

By Shannon T. Boodram

Whether you’re up for a small-time social, or gearing up in your glittery finest and your most painful errr, I mean hottest pair of heels, check out Vervegirl’s Top Ten fun things to do on New Year’s Eve, with something for every circle and every budget.

Knock Out New Year's Plans

Keshia Chante’s New Year’s Eve Traditions



If you’ve spent endless hours watching The Food Network, you know that real eating doesn’t happen in a food court. At $40 a head, gather your closest friends at a gourmet restaurant and pool your money together to treat your pallet to a variety of the menu’s best. Avoid disappointment and call ahead to make reservations.
Cost breakdown: $40/person for a sampler menu

Host a Dream Board party:

How many times have you read “2012 is my year” on your Facebook or Twitter in the past month? Tell those people it’s time to put their motives where their mouth is. Organize a group of friends and tell everyone to bring a bulletin board and a stack of magazines. Make sure you have scissors, thumb tacks and other scrapbooking tools. Create your boards and start the new year with infinite possibilities.
Cost breakdown: $5 each at a craft store

Make an epic meal:

Maybe too many cooks in the kitchen can be a good thing. This year, invite your girls over, assign them ingredients to bring, pull out the recipe book, fire up the stove, crank up the tunes and attempt to combine a few recipes to make an epic meal (warning: this clash may turn into an epic disaster, but that might add to the fun).
Cost breakdown: $20/person for ingredients

Swap party:

Invite everyone you can possibly fit into your home and have them bring their gently used accessories, purses, shoes, clothing, etc. Throw it all into the centre of the room and have a ball while you watch your best friends go at it over those vintage Gucci sunglasses that you bought during your short lived J-Lo phase.
Cost breakdown: $0

Celebrate downtown:

Everyone who has watched the ball drop on TV probably thought, “you won’t catch me outside in that weather!” But how cold can you really be with thousands of people sending out well-wishes and sharing kisses all around you?
Cost breakdown: $5 for earmuffs

Glow in the dark bowling:

I challenge you to think of anything more fun than questionable rental shoes, techno music, and warmed over pizza slices against the backdrop of tenpin bowling. This New Year’s, reserve a couple lanes at your nearest cosmic bowling joint and have a few laughs about those few dozen gutter balls.
Cost breakdown: $20/person for bowling; $5 for rental shoes; $20 for dinner


Go ice skating with some friends at your local rink. The twinkling lights, the music and the hot chocolate are a great way to get into that festive mood. Just make sure to double up on socks. No nearby rink? Suss out an awesome hill and host a toboggan party with tons of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Improvise with a garbage bag for an extra-bumpy ride.
Cost breakdown: $5 for hot chocolate

Game night:

Talk about the best way to instantly create some laughter and entertaining controversy in a room. You don’t need much, just some finger foods, bevvies, and everybody’s individual set of rules for how to play Monopoly. Even if she refused to trade her Boardwalk for your four railroads, try and put it aside long enough to wish each other a Happy New Year.
Cost breakdown: $10 each for finger foods and hors d’oeuvres

Movie mania:

Line up some retro classics and new releases for a movie night in, complete with pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and delish snacks to nosh on throughout the night. Ask each person to bring their fave flicks and snack food so that you have a library to select from and ample munchies.
Cost breakdown: $10/person for snacks & drinks

Live entertainment:

Ring in the New Year with an electrifying live concert performed by your favourite band. Buy your tickets early and enjoy pre-concert festivities at someone’s house before heading out for the night.

No matter what you plan on doing this New Year’s, remember that it’s not about how much money you spend, or how highprofile the event, it’s about starting your year on the right foot. So make sure you bring in your New Year with your nearest and dearest and capture those special moments and hilarious candids with video and photos.

P.S. It doesn’t hurt to have a nice pair of lips lined up forthat midnight kiss!