The Knitting Answer Book Review


Margaret Radcliffe

Publication Date:

September 3, 2005


Thomas Allen & Son Ltd


Paperback, 432 pages


CND $17.95


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Thank you Thomas Allen & Son  for the book :)


Every avid knitter has faced this dilemma: deep into a project at midnight, just trying to finish one more row, and, then . . . oh no, a dropped stitch three rows back! Help! If only there was a 24-hour hotline to answer every question a knitter might encounter. Well, now there is, with The Knitting Answer Book . The expert authors, Margaret Radcliffe and Edie Eckman, leave no question unanswered, no quandry unaddressed. Each book contains detailed, illustrated answers to literally hundreds of questions, from the common to the more unusual: Are certain needles better for certain yarns? What if I dropped a stitch several rows back? Why do my edges tend to curl up? Can you use a different weight yarn than the pattern calls for? What can I do to keep my yarns from tangling up? Oops, I see my ribbing is way too tight. Now what? Covering the whole range of situations a beginner is likely to face, along with the problems that may arise for those working more advanced patterns, this Answer Book will help knitters and crocheters of all levels. Each book is packaged in a small, take-along trim size, in a friendly-to-use QA format, and belongs in the bag of every knitter. Available 24/7, The Knitting Answer Book is always open, ready for yarn lovers to browse and consult to their hearts content.


Margaret Radcliffe is the author of Circular Knitting Workshop, The Knitting Answer Book, and The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques. She lives in Virginia and teaches knitting workshops across North America, promoting creativity and independence in all knitters.Her own designs are published in the Maggies Rags line of knitting patterns (


The book was provided by the publisher Thomas Allen & Son Ltd for an honest review with no compensation provided.

I’m a newbie knitter. All I really know how to make at the moment are scarves, so reading this book made me want to jump into my knitting with a new found love to make more homemade things like maybe socks or a hat.

The book is easy to follow because each chapter is dedicated to:

  • Chapter 1: Casting On
  • Chapter 2: The Basics
  • Chapter 3: Binding Off
  • Chapter 4: Tools
  • Chapter 5: Yarn
  • Chapter 6: Reading Patterns
  • Chapter 7: Pattern Stiches
  • Chapter 8: Circular Knitting
  • Chapter 9: Color
  • Chapter 10: Shaping
  • Chapter 11: Fitting
  • Chapter 12: Finishing
  • Chapter 13: Embellishments

Each section has questions where Margaret Radcliffe answers the question in a simple and carefree manner. The BONUS? There are easy to read diagrams when describing most complex stages of knitting such as binding off, and reading patterns.

The book is small enough to carry in your knitting bag. (Yes, I have one! Where else will you keep all your yan and needles?) I love the easy format of this book because you can just look up a question and get the answer quickly.

Margaret is a definite skilled knitter, and her instructions and definitions are easy to understand so I am so very grateful that she makes knitting fun!

Overall, if you’re a new knitter (like me) or an advanced knitter, then you will love to have this book on hand because knitting isn’t something you learn over night. I know for sure that I will be using this book again and again as I knit more advanced pieces.