Kind Campaign! Lets all BE KIND <3

We all have experienced bullying at some point in our lives, and if you haven’t, you are so genuinely lucky, you don’t even know. I’m Jasmine Gemmell, and I’m Miss Teen South Central Saskatchewan-World. My platform is the Kind Campaign, a documentary and non profit organization that focuses on the elimination and awareness of girl-to-girl “crime.” I chose it as my charity because I was bullied as a kid, and things still aren’t perfect today. I’m not in anyway claiming to be a perfect person. I admit, I’ve participated in every aspect of bullying, but today, I’m here to help make a change.

Girls are catty, and will unknowingly hurt people to climb their way to the top of the social ladder. We’re only human, so the feeling of being accepted is one we all want. We don’t all have to be best friends, just get along, and be kinder. I’ve realized girls were mean everywhere I go, the situation is inevitable. The truth is, while your pushing your way to the top to get these things, you dont realize the people you hurt. Be conscious of what you say and do, think about how it may hurt the other person, even jokingly you might hit a nerve and truly hurt someone. We’re all fighting our own hard battles, whether we choose to show our emotions or not.

I hate the word bullying. It is overused and the meaning is misunderstood. People don’t take that word seriously. Wearing a pink shirt isn’t going to end bulling. Doing something about it is. You have to speak up, tell whats on your mind, and put an end to it. Feel strongly about it, so stop mistreating people. People are all different, thats never going to change, but the acceptance of those differences is what we must strive for. So let them achieve their dreams. Don’t block their path by putting them down. Loss of self worth is something that feels impossible to make back up. So don’t be the reason someones is torn down.

“We’ve all been the victim. Unfortunately, we’re also the cause. Help us change.”