Katie Boland

Since starting her career at age 9, when most of us are still learning not to eat the yellow snow, Toronto’s Katie Boland has positioned herself
as one of Canada’s hottest up-and-coming actresses. This year, the 20-year-old steps onto the silver screen in Growing Op, a dramatic comedy about you-know-what, and Atom Egoyans’s Adoration.

“[Adoration] is about online communication – youtube, webcams – and terrorism,” says the now LA-based Katie. “It’s really abstract but
I think it will be interesting.”

Favourite designer: Marc Jacobs
Favourite TV shows: The Office, The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Favourite store: Freedom Clothing Collective in Toronto
Favourite place: The Beaches in Toronto
Favourite makeup line: Wet n Wild
Favourite book: A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews
Favourite author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Favourite city: New York City
Favourite groups: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones
Favourite albums: Blue by Joni Mitchell, Moondance by Van Morrison
Favourite movies: A Streetcar Named Desire, Annie Hall
Favourite actor: Kate Winslet
Favourite director: Atom Egoyan