Kate Somers


Hometown | TORONTO
Astrological Sign | GEMINI

Not just another pretty face

Since grabbing the coveted runner-up spot in the 2007 Ford Supermodel of the World competition, Kate Somers has propelled straight to the top of the modelling world, captivating nearly everyone along the way. Although still early in her career, the Grade 11 student has already discovered what many others never really grasp. Modelling isn’t just about looks, it’s also about personality.
In February, during Somers’ first season of international fashion shows, the media noted Kate as “charming” and “a real sweetheart.” In Milan, following a somewhat awkward locked-in-a-bathroom-for-45-minutes incident, a production director bought Somers a diamond necklace so she wouldn’t leave Italy with a bad memory. In her hometown of Toronto, Somers navigates the backstage area of L’Oréal Fashion Week smiling, chatting, hugging and thanking everyone she works with. And did we mention she’s a charmer?

Fashion Week, after week, after week…
Her first season of international shows started early in January, when she went to New York to attend the castings for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. A few weeks, and more than a dozen shows later, Somers was named one of New York’s Top 10 newcomers! She then proceeded to Milan where she was photographed in Gianfranco Ferre’s entire collection, and did several other runway appearances for the world’s top designers. 
Italy proved so successful that Somers—who speaks French—decided to see what France had to offer. “With this industry, everything is last minute and you never know,” she recalls, in an adventurous tone. “I was waiting to get on a plane back to Canada when we had to switch the flight and go to Paris.” By the time she actually returned to high school, she had been gone for a full two months.

Staying Schooled
Understandably, modelling is taking increasing precedence in Somers’ life. Not that she minds. “I’ve always been a very busy person with 10 things going on at once, so this is just one more thing to add to the schedule, and I like it that way.”
Good thing too, since all that time away from the classroom wasn’t really a break. Teachers sent her assignments to be completed in her downtime and, remarkably, by the time she got back to Toronto she was actually a day ahead of her class!

Role Models
When asked what models have inspired Somers, the 5’11” redhead immediately cites a name familiar to Vervegirl readers. “Coco Rocha. She’s really beautiful, and uses that in a unique way to express every photograph differently. I love looking at her work.” The pair first met at the Milan airport, then again at the Christian Lacroix show in Paris. “She was so nice, which really helped me. The girls in this industry, they’re like a bunch of big sisters. They’re nice and considerate if you’re  a new girl and I really appreciated that.”
It’s a great lesson for someone likely to be taking on “big sister” status in years to come.  But Somers believes you don’t have to be in a high profile position to be a source of inspiration. “I think anyone can be a role model if they’ve accomplished something in their lifeyou can choose to give back and become a role model.” 

International Insight
“I’m not sure if I have one experience that stands out for me,” Somers wisely explains, “because I try to live in the moment and enjoy every experience.” She does however, point to her recent journeys as a definite source of enrichment. “I’ve been able to travel to Japan and Europe and New York, immersing myself in the cultures, then coming home and having a normal everyday life. But being able to look back and think ‘What have I done this year?  Well, I’ve travelled, had new experiences’ That’s what I love being able to do, is to look back and say I’ve accomplished something new and completely different.”