Justin Timberlake won’t share lifts

Justin Timberlake won't share liftsThe singer-and-actor partied at the Standard Hotel’s rooftop bar following the premiere of his new movie ‘Friends with Benefits‘ in New York City on Monday night (18.07.11). 

When he decided to leave the bash at 1am his security team arranged for him to have a lift to himself. 
According to E!, three girls who had attended the party were already in the elevator but a hotel security guard told the women they would have to vacate it due to “maintenance issues”. 
Despite their protestations there was nothing wrong with the lift, the guard threatened to call for back-up if they didn’t move on and they agreed to use a different elevator. 
With the ladies out of the way another security guard radioed ahead to state the lift was now “clear for Mr. Timberlake to use” and Justin made his way out. 
At the party the 30-year-old Hollywood heartthrob spent most of his time talking to his ‘Friends with Benefits‘ co-stars Mila Kunis and Patricia Clarkson
Other guests in attendance included Penn Badgley, Courtney Love and Rose Byrne.


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