JoJo’s Disastrous Dating Contest winner!

hey vervegirls! meet the winner of the JoJo’s Disastrous Dating contest!

Velika M. of Ontario!

Here is Velika’s winning entry as chosen by JoJo and her team! Congratulations Velika!

Toilet Paper is the New Sexy

It was my first (ever) date with an older boy who could drive.  He was a freshman at University and I was a senior in high school…needless to say, I was nervous.  The date was at a drive-in theatre on a Friday evening and it was going well.  We were getting to know each other and talking non-stop, barely hearing the movie (which I believe was Couples Retreat).  During intermission for the next movie, I had gone to the bathroom and realized that Aunt Flo came to visit unexpectedly (if you know what I mean…).  I didn’t have any pads so I just used wads of toilet paper, put on a brave face and returned to the car. I refused to let that ruin my date and the rest of the night went smoothly.  The night came to an end and he had driven me home but stayed parked in my driveway until I got inside safely.  I got out of his car and confidently put on my sexiest yet most mysterious stride because he was watching me.  As soon as I got in the house, I thought about how successful my walk was but I was quickly proven wrong when the mirrors in my hallway showed that I had a very visible, very noticable toilet paper tail coming out of my jeans!! The ‘sexy walk’ definitely backfired on me…I thought I was the only one who had waved goodbye but it turns out, the red spotted toilet paper was waving too.