Q and A with JoJo

JoJo chats with Vervegirl’s Editor and answers some burning questions from our BBM Community

By Xania Khan

Q and A with JoJoActing or singing, which one would you choose & why?
Singing and acting are both passions of mine and have been since I was a little girl. However, music is something I absolutely can’t live without. If it was cut out of my life, I would be a WRECK! Writing and recording, singing and performing are natural extensions of me, and organic outlets to express myself.

Sagittarians tend to be involved in many different creative outlets. That can use so much energy and be strenuous for your physical self. How do you maintain balance?
It is the Sagittarian nature to want to do it all, try everything, take in as much as possible, see as much as we can. It can definitely be overwhelming. As I’ve gotten older, I try to focus on tasks one by one, and focus my energy in a concentrated way. I eliminate distractions. No cell phone in the vocal booth, for example. No friends around when I’m writing. I try to keep things in perspective by reminding myself that there is an appropriate time and place for everything. But trying to satisfy all areas of your life at once can end up being a disservice to yourself.

What ARE your fears, and how do you conquer them?
I have many fears, but I try to face them head on. In my teenage years, performing was something I was so nervous about. I had so much anxiety before going onstage. After years of getting more comfortable and facing my insecurities head on, I now feel alive and empowered on stage.

Any lucky charms or rituals before hitting the stages?
I take at least one shot of olive oil, drink warm tea, and pray with my band and crew.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Any love interests?
Music :-)

Favourite piece of clothing in your closet & where did you get it?
I love long, button-down sweaters! I wear them by themselves, over a romper, sundress, jeans, etc. I have a gray one by Marc Jacobs that I live in.

What’s your absolute must-have makeup product?
Giorgio Armani master primer.

Ever thought of doing a duet with JoJo from Jodeci?
Not until now! Lol!

Who’s on your iPod right now?
Drake, OutKast, Joni Mitchell, Jill Scott, Bad Rabbits, Theophilus London, James Taylor.

Plus … a couple more questions from Vervegirl’s BBM Community

Do you Google yourself? If so, does it affect you in a positive or negative way? – Giselle
Sometimes I do. I like to see how people are reacting to my new music and how I am generally being perceived. To be honest, it doesn’t affect me like it used to. I think I’ve come into a more self-aware state of knowing that other people’s opinions of me don’t make me. Everyone has the right to their own thoughts, predilections, taste, preferences, etc.

OMG, JoJo, I’m your biggest fan and would love to go on a date with you. I know this would never happen but I’m curious to know what’s your idea of the perfect date? – Anthony C.
Hmmm . . . I like to be introduced to things I haven’t experienced before. A new type of cuisine or an interesting live music venue. I like to do things that are active and engaging and mentally stimulating. I don’t know if that makes sense, but something interesting and different is my idea of a great date!

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