Jessi Cruickshank Designs new Me to We Style Tee

By: Katherine Wong Too Yen

Talk about getting inspired! Last summer, host of MTV Canada: Jessi Cruickshank, flew to rural Kenya to live in a tiny mud hut with a Maasai family. The family welcomed the tall redhead with open arms and at the end of Jessi’s visit, presented her with several traditional pieces of handcrafted Maasai beaded jewellery. “This was a family who had nothing, but had given me everything,” said Jessi.

Jessi, who is also an ambassador for Free the Children, says of her experience. “My brand new t-shirt for Me to We style is my way of honouring and giving back to my Maasai family.”

This cheerfully bright, off the shoulder t-shirt features a screen printed design inspired by the traditional beadwork of the Maasai people. This is made of 100% organic ringspun combed cotton, this fitted cut is sure to flatter! Proceeds from the eco-friendly, sweatshop-free t-shirt will go towards helping other families in rural Kenya break the cycle of poverty and help them generate sustainable income.

You can buy Jessi’s beautiful “Africa” t-shirt online at or call Me to We Style at 416-640-2649 for more information.  Me to We Style is a socially responsible manufacturer and is a charity partner of Free the Children. 50% of all their profits go to support the charity.

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