The Jabbawockeez – part 2

By Sharlotte Lawrence

The Jabbawockeez formed back in 2003 but propelled to worldwide recognition when they became the winners of the popular MTV dance reality show, Randy Jackson’s:  America’s Best Dance Crew. The group names itself after a poem in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass” about an imaginary dragon called the Jabberwock.  Imaginary, unreal, make-believe – a hand-full of words to describe the Jabbawockeez’ performance.  The masks and gloves used in the performance serve as an innovative way to remove each identity and bring focus straight to their performance

Since winning the show, the group has toured internationally, making stops in Asia, US, South America and across Canada.  I got the opportunity to hang out with the guys before their hotly anticipated performance at The Guvernment Entertainment Complex in Toronto.  Please don’t hate me Vervegirls! 

So what are our masked heroes like unmasked?  A bunch of lovable, down-to-earth guys who are extremely driven and passionate about what they do.  They were so cool to hang out with and joked around through the entire interview.

  I can imagine all you Vervegirls saying, “Stop rubbing it in our faces and get to the performance!”  Well, you won’t believe it until you see it.  The Jabbawockeez’ passion is personified in their performance.  The excitement at The Guvernment was absolutely thrilling.  And when they crept onto the stage it was as if they were creatures from another planet.  The passion in their showmanship serves as evidence of their drive and determination.  Watching them on TV is incomparable to seeing them live.  If they ever come back to Toronto – this is one performance that should not be missed. So until then check out the interview