Interview with Valerie Tian

Valerie Tian

Up-and-coming Canadian actress Valerie Tian tells our own Priya Panda what it’s like to work in the big leagues. She stars in the hilarious, new comedy Drillbit Taylor, alongside Owen Wilson.   The Superbad-esque high school movie comes out nationwide in theatres March 21st.
Vg:  How does it feel to be a Canadian actress working in big, bad Hollywood?
VT: “Represent Canada – yeah! It feels cool to work in both American and Canadian films.  If other countries want to hire me, I’m cool with that!”
What was it like working with Owen Wilson and the hip filmmaking team of Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen (Superbad)?
VT: “Definitely fun! I didn’t get to talk to Owen and Judd that much. They were really nice, though. Everyone was like family on set.  I didn’t have any scenes or direct dialogue with Owen on set, but we had some conversations aside from filming and he was great.”
Vg:  What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  
VT: When I do have free time I try to find random, new things and I am obsessed with learning new things and meeting new people. I do martial arts and running. I like to sew and design.  I definitely like to look up new music. I spend a lot of time doing that and I like to produce my own.  
What’s on the horizon for you, Valerie?
VT: “Tentatively might start work in the summer on Knights of Impossingworth Park.  I’m a girl who is adopted but longs to figure out her past and family history. She runs into this thousand-year-old Knight played by Ben Kingsley and her brother is Jonathan Lipnicki in it. Kind of Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings fantasy.”
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