Interview with Thriving Ivory

Clayton, Scott, Drew, Brett and Paul make up the quintet known as Thriving Ivory.  Sharlotte Lawrence met up with the guys before their private recording session at the Glenn Gould Recording Studios in Toronto to chat about their self-titled debut album.
By Sharlotte Lawrence

    The bandmates met in college and hail from Santa Barbara, California.  From playing college parties to playing for people on the street, the band has come a long way and are being compared to the likes of Coldplay and U2 – some of their personal heroes. 

    Talent often goes unnoticed until the time is right.  Well the time was right when Wind-Up Records signed the band to their label, “We showcased for quite a few record labels before landing with Wind-Up.  And I always say it happened for a reason that we got turned down and turned down – and we ended up with these guys because we couldn’t be happier with our situation now.” 

    So what makes Thriving Ivory such a hot topic?  They are far beyond what is usual in music today and are a true phenomenon. They don’t overdose you with sappy love songs or overindulge with the “I Hate You Ex-girlfriend” songs that plague the radio.  Their lyrics are pure literature – with hidden meanings and themes left for the listener to interpret.  Take the debut single “Angels on the Moon” – inspired by the events of September 11th – definitely out of the ordinary.  A combination of Clayton’s exceptionally spellbinding voice, vivid instruments and phenomenal lyrics create a performance unlike any other. 

For anyone ready to experience true music – pick up their self-titled debut release on August 26, 2008.

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