Interview with Nolan

Nolan Gerard Funk on everything from Spectacular! to Prom!
By Kim Cooper

This 23 year old Vancouver-ite is taking Hollywood by a Spectacular! storm.  You may have seen him on episodes of Smallville, Lie to Me, and Supernatural.  Now Nolan has landed the lead role in the musical Spectacular! and VG caught up with him in Toronto to get the dish on his new movie.

VG: Tell us why everyone should see
NGF: You really feel good after you watch it.  It’s got really good songs and a great message that encourages you to follow your individual path.  Everyone has a dream and this movie is about someone who goes after their dream. 

VG: How did you get the role of Nikko?
NGF: I auditioned over a 6 week period and it was a rigorous audition process of acting, dancing and singing.  I was a bit in shock when the Director called and said I got the part because I had worked toward this moment for 9 years.  Landing my first starring role was amazing, I couldn’t ask for more.  It was even better that this project mirrored my life.  Just like Nikko, I wanted to do things on my own and needed an attitude adjustment!  So I could relate to Nikko and his life. 

VG: I understand on the DVD Special Features, that there’s an Instructional Dance Video.  Are you a part of this and how difficult will it be for amateurs to bust a move?
NGF: Actually RJ, the choreographer, breaks it down pretty good!  Also on the DVD you get Spectacular ring tones and you get two free Spectacular Rock Band tracks.

VG: If you could star as the lead role in one of these movies, which one would it be?

Saturday Night Fever

NGF: Probably Saturday Night Fever.  I love that era.  But I would want to re-imagine the role and bring my own flare to it.  Same with Grease…it would probably be a tie between Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

VG: Tell us about your involvement in environmental causes?
NGF: I was raised in a green environment and my Dad was a green advocate.  We always did a ton of recycling, reusing, and buying foods with less packaging.  I also took public transport.  I was part of Nickolodeon’s cause, Big Green Help, encouraging people to get environmentally conscious.  Really it’s not hard to do, you can do your part just by having a reusable non toxic water bottle and giving back to the community.

VG: Did you go to prom and what do you remember most about it?
NGF: I never went to my prom.  It’s actually kind of sad.  Maybe some of the girls will ask me to their prom!

VG: Do you think its okay for a girl to ask a guy to the prom?
NGF: It’s okay but definitely make sure that he likes you first.  Nobody wants to break someone’s heart on prom.

VG: What song would you have loved to hear at prom?
NGF: I know it’s kind of odd but I would’ve loved to hear Stand Back by Stevie Nicks at my prom!

Nolan loves to stay in touch with his fans! 
If you check out www.saynow/nolangerardfunk you can listen to Nolan’s updates and you can even phone him and leave a message at 416-800-1292. 

PS.  Nolan has been known to return some of his fans’ calls! 

Check out Nolan in Spectacular! airing on YTV on May 8th! 

Get a copy of the DVD available June 2nd (Sony Pictures).