Man in the New Moon

By Heidi Hofstad

Actor Cameron Bright bites! As Alec, of the Volturi clan (vampire royalty) in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, this down-to-earth 17- year-old from Victoria, BC, likes his Tim Horton’s and won’t dish on Robert Pattinson’s digits (sorry gals). The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD hits shelves this Saturday, March 20th! Are you a die-hard fan?

Is your life different since New Moon?
[New Moon] allowed me to travel to Australia and Rome and meet fans in those places and go to Twilight conventions all over – a true blessing because I come from such a small town. I can walk the streets without anyone bugging me, which is nice, but I have definitely noticed a difference in exposure due to the series.

If you could re-cast yourself as any other Twilight character, who would you be?
Aro because he’s crazy – crazy people are more interesting in my point of view.

Describe Alec’s superpower. If you could choose a superpower what would it be?
Alec renders people senseless. I’m going to say talking to animals would be pretty sweet.

If you weren’t an actor what would you be doing?
Probably working at McDonalds (laughs)!

Do male actors feel pressures related to their looks like female actors?
Of course. Think of yourself being watched and critiqued and judged 24/7…now think how you’d react.

What’s the best advice on stardom you’ve heard?
When I was working on Godsend, Robert De Niro told my mom, “Anne you better be sitting down when Cameron’s movies come out, because he is the same caliber of talent at the age of 9, as Leo DiCaprio when I worked with him in This Boy’s Life”.

You’re a Vancouver Island boy – any aspirations to move to Hollywood?
I’ve seen [many] places in the world, but [none has] compared to my hometown. That’s why I’ve stayed here. One day, to further my career, I may go to Los Angeles or New York, but [I’m not] worried about that quite yet.

Have you had your “I made it” moment yet?
That would mean I’ve [reached] my peak, maximum potential and I haven’t yet. At least I don’t want to make it now, then never make it again and burn out.

What type of girl do you go for?
Someone who stands out in her own way and can be real. Don’t change for me to like you. Once you are happy with yourself, I’ll notice you are a true person and would be a true girlfriend.

How often do ladies ask you for Robert Pattinson’s number?

All the time (laughs)…but they all get the same answer. Ask him yourself, if you ever see him. I [don’t] give out someone’s personal information.
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Photo Credits (from top):
Cameron Bright as Alec. 
James White. Courtesy of E1 Entertainment.

Michael Sheen as Aro, Jamie Campbell Bowers as Caius, and Cameron Bright as Alec. 
Kimberley French. Courtesy of E1 Entertainment.