Interview with Makeup Pro Maxi

I had the opportunity to chat with the most eccentric competitor of the reality TV show, BLUSH.

Known simply as Maxi, this refreshingly unique character is talented makeup artist based in LA who had the chance to be a part of the catty and competitive world that we all know as – reality TV.

“It finally gave me a chance to display my work for everyone to see. I’ve been in the business for a long time and a lot of the work I do isn’t seen or focused on.” says Maxi.

Now that the show has finished filming season one, which aired on Star! on January 10th, Maxi tells us he has no regrets about going on the show. “But it was tough being confined to a space for that length of time with no internet, no television and living with a bunch of strangers.” Living without the internet – Can you imagine? That’s definitely something I couldn’t do.

Maxi’s love of the industry stems from its flexible and exciting schedule. Working mainly on film and music videos, he has the opportunity to work with some of today’s most beautiful women in industry. (Seen here with Christina Aguilera)

“Recently I’ve worked with the woman that I consider to be the most beautiful and most talented!” He says with enthusiasm, referring to the lovely songstress, Kreesha Turner.” I did her hair for her most recent music video –  “Don’t Call Me Baby”. I love her so much!”

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Don’t let his website fool you, this avant-garde artist may not be tech savvy but he sure knows beauty. Check out some of his amazing work (and celebrity clients) @

Watch BLUSH: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist to see Maxi in action.