Interview with Lady GaGa

Whether you want to just dance, show your poker face, or take a chance at the love game, Lady GaGa delivers.
By Heidi Hofstad

With over 185,000 copies of her album The Fame sold in Canada, Gaga recently embarked on The Fame Ball Tour, where this fashion statement herself designed and made her stage outfits.

VERVEGIRL: In the outside world you’ve made a name for yourself in such a short time. What’s your reaction?
LADY GAGA: For me, I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years. It’s about time, but I work very hard. The music, the performances and the fashion, it’s more important to me than any of the fame.

VG: Perez Hilton calls you the New Princess of Pop. What’s your take on the title?
LG: He’s very nice. He’s my friend, but I like him regardless of the nice things he says. I guess you could say I’m grateful and honoured that he said that about me.

VG: People were surprised I was interviewing you and implying you’re too big for the media circuit. What are your thoughts?
LG: When I meet a lovely journalist like you, interviews are very pleasant and it allows me to check in with people in different parts of the world. Actually for Canada, more than anywhere, I do extra because you guys discovered me first. I only think it’s fair that I’ll always have a very special place for Canadians.

VG: What’s the inspiration behind your customized stage outfits?
LG: Thierry Mugler. I love Mugler. I love Grace Jones and David Bowie. This year for The Fame Ball Tour, there’s an entire act during the show, which is inspired by one print. Different things inspire me at different times and this show is kind of like a four-act play, and there’s a story told with the costumes.

VG: You were teased for your style in school. How do you feel about still receiving flack about your wardrobe?
LG: It’s been a long time since people had a pop artist who lives the life of the stage and the art in every minute of their life. Even though they try to relate, they’re not supposed to. Instead, they should indulge in the fantasy of art. I’m not trying to be like anyone else. If you really want to find the fame on the inside, the trick is—don’t fit in. What can you do in your life so people will say, “I don’t know who that is, but I want to know who that is”? That’s where the real fame is. No cameras, no money, just aura.

VG: Have you thought about what you would call your own fashion line?

LG: No…yes. But I won’t tell you.

VG: Your fashion commandments?

LG: Thou shall not wear flip-flops in public, Thou shall not be insecure in one’s fashion. Thou shall be memorable.

VG: Just Dance fills the dance floor. What’s your fave party

LG: Any old AC/DC records. They’re my pump-up themes before I go onstage. I listen to rock and roll and think about good-looking
guys in tight pants.

VG: How are you in the love game?
LG: I’m in love with my work.

VG: Any pre-performance rituals or good luck charms?

LG: So much of my lifestyle and the music are rooted in my vanity and in New York City. I find it quite difficult to take to the stage if I haven’t done my own hair and make-up. It’s like a good two to three-hour moment with myself before the show. I steam my voice, I do my hair, I warm up, I work out and do my make-up.

VG: What can we next expect from you?
LG: I would like to have some of my designs exhibited in a museum. I want to have the greatest show on earth, like the circus. And I want to stay very inspired. For me, it is in that place that I find my happiness.

VG: Where can we find your signature hair bow?

LG: At The Fame Ball Tour. I hand-make them backstage. I couldn’t get my merchandise company to do it, and as my way of sticking it
to them I make them myself and they sell out every night. I’m sure they would love to hear me say that. Make sure it’s in bold.