Interview with Keri Hilson

Miss Keri Baby…
By Sharlotte Rosalyn Lawrence

Keri Hilson is one of the hottest ladies on the music scene and in fashion.  With celebrities often claiming homage to the trendsetters of the past, Ms. Hilson does her own thing – “I am influenced by none – inspired by many.”

Ms. Hilson is no stranger to the music biz, she’s penned hits for artist like the Pussycat Dolls [Wait a Minute], Britney Spears [Gimme More], Jennifer Lopez, Danity Kane, Omarion, Ciara and Timbaland – to name a few.

If you ever noticed – this chick has a different look, hairstyle and outfit in just about every music video she’s got out there – “I like to switch it up.  My personal style? – it’s always a good mix between masculine and feminine.”  She definitely sets the standards for girls who love to rock the boyfriend look, “You can see by the outfit I’m wearing right now – I’m wearing these crazy boots, all disheveled looking, and I throw it with ruffles.  I love to throw super feminine things off with something that represents me – I’m a tomboy.

So what are some secrets straight from the self-proclaimed ‘tomboy at heart’?

“I swam for 11 years.  I competed for Georgia in the Junior Nationals when I was 14.  I played basketball and was Best Offensive. In Senior Year I was nominated MVP.  They see me as a sexy, sometimes scantily-clad, heel-wearing, tall diva – but they wouldn’t know that I’m really just a tomboy at heart.  I’m comfortable in my own skin – whatever it is I’m wearing.  I might show up at the red carpet in pajamas one year.”

The joys of concealer – and shampoo for shaving cream?

“Concealer has become my best friend lately.  You can just wear it alone and get away with that!  Shampoo makes a great alternative to shaving cream – and then you can use a conditioner.  It’s a cleaner shave – you can see the hair.  It’s not like you’re blind shaving.”

Listen up Vervegirls!  She’s got some great advice!

“Never compromise your talent or what you feel your talent is.  Do what you’re best at.  I’ve learned this from none other than Snoop Doggie Dogg – he said “Do what you’re great at.  Anybody can be good.  Everybody can come in and do your job your good at.  But do what you’re great at.”  A lot of people want to do it for the fame – but they’re not good at it and they’re driven by what it seems to be.”

Now, Keri hits center stage with her debut album, “In a Perfect World” and has killer appearances by Lil Wayne, Keyshia Cole, Trina, Ne-Yo and Akon.  Her 4th single feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo, “Knock You Down,” is blazing up the airwaves.

Vervegirl’s Sharlotte (right) with Keri