Interview with Katy Perry

Earning her stripes as a touring musician, Katy Perry tells us why you should never pass out on the road.      
Priya Panda

When Katy Perry calls me from Calgary, Alberta, the first thing she tells me is, “I love Canada. They’re very nice to me! They’ve always been very sweet.” I can’t help but be taken by the edgy pop princess who’s now infamous song “I Kissed a Girl” is a household tune.

       But when she tells me that she’s been on the Vans Warped Tour since November of last year, I’m impressed.  The punk rock festival has traditionally been an extreme music, sports and male dominated event and this lover of all things pink has been tossed in the mix for almost a year! “It’s a traveling circus. It’s get on the stage, get off the stage, with no sound checks and no set times. You have to kind of really know how to go with the flow to be on the Warped Tour.”

       Katy, who will be 24 on October 25th,  claims the risqué departure from her upbringing as the daughter of not one, but two Christian pastors, starting with her 2007 E.P. “Ur So Gay” didn’t shock her parents. “I think that my family knows and have always known the kind of person I am, which is basically free-flowing. I don’t really censor myself and I’m just kind of an opinionated girl.”

       And to think, it all began with a little sibling rivalry. “I initially started singing because I was at that point in my childhood where I was copycatting my sister and everything she did. She would sing with cassette tapes over and over to a song and one day she wasn’t there and I took her cassette tape myself and I started practicing it.”

       Little did Katy know, she was just one impromptu performance for her parents away from seven years of singing lessons, including a short stint studying Italian opera. “I had the worst singing teachers and the best singing teachers. Some of them had the worst breath and some of them were awesome,” she recalls, deadpan.

       Lucky for Katy, she gets to spend down time on tour with her boyfriend Travis McCoy of Warped tourmates Gym Class Heroes. “One night after my boyfriend and I decided to see The Dark Knight, we came home and one of our band mates was passed out in the front lounge so we Jokerized his face. It’s pretty funny. No one is safe!!“