Interview with Hip-hop Artist Masia One

Carina Oliveira sits down with Masia to discuss style

Was it the streets of Toronto that influenced you to take a more urban/hip-hop edge to your music?

I’m in the hip-hop community in Toronto. M1 Academy was a festival that exposed me to many different cultures, so I grew up with it.

What about the places you’ve visited like Hawaii and Jamaica, did that influence your style in any way?
Most definitely! When you start traveling to different places, you pick up a bit of everything. It gets all jumbled up into one.

How did it feel when “Split Second Time” was the first hip-hop video nominated for a Much Music Video Award?
It felt good because that video was made to make fun of clichés about Asians. But we knew right off the bat it wouldn’t make it since the competitors had a stronger background in the industry then I did. (Watch the video below)

How do you blend fashion and culture into your music/performance?
The whole thing is a complete package. You can download music but you can’t download a pair of jeans.

Have you ever thought about creating your own line of clothing?
Yes! I’ve got contacts and friends in Asia that can hook me up. The line would be called Pulau. It’s the Malaysian word for “the islands”. I want it to be a chill clothing line, where you can be comfortable in. 

What’s your favourite brand of clothing?
No-Name Brand! I love handmade stuff. I can’t say I’m a Marc Jacobs fan or anything – I just love bootleg brands. I went to Malaysia and found bootleg brands for $4. It’s awesome. 

Who’s your favourite designer?
I’m going to leave that one ‘cause I don’t really know. I do know a good idea didn’t have to be so branded. Ease up on the branding. But, Doin It Well is a t-shirt line I like really well & Junk Prints is really good too.