Interview with Girlicious

Don’t forget! The Girlicious album launches today!

Vervegirl‘s, Paulina Perzynska gets the dirt on friendships and fame from the girls.

VG: So how did you girls enjoy the MMVA’s?
All: Insane. We love Canada!
Natalie: People were so supportive, awesome and alive! 
Chrystina: One word: energy!

VG: Anyone you were particularly excited to see?
All: Flo_Rida!
Nicole: He rapped on one of our songs but we never got to meet him.
Natalie: And JabbaWockeeZ!

VG: Okay, fess up What’s the best thing about being famous?
Nicole:  Gosh, I feel famous here [in Canada], because everyone is coming up to us(pause)the best thing? The other night, we went to the gift room (laughing)
Natalie: I always say, if it’s free it’s for me!
Chrystina: I don’t look at myself as famous. Even though we are. I feel like I don’t want to look at myself as better than anyone else.
Nicole: Last night, we were on stage, and I looked down and people were singing our song. There was a moment where I was like OMG! And then I thought, don’t mess up the dance moves!

VG: How do you respond to criticism that you’re manufactured and not real artists?
Nicole: That was definitely one of the things coming [out of] a reality show that I was scared about. But every week we performed live. It was the real deal.
Chrystina: We didn’t just fall into it. When we go on tour, we can prove that we can sing, that we can dance. People will think whatever they want to think, until we prove we’re legit.
Natalie: Who’s to say we’re not real artists? Let’s say Beyonce (please add ` to the last e in Beyonce) came into the competition. From being little girls we all wanted the same thing. It was our destiny.  How you’re connected to the music,that’s how you’re an artist.

VG: Did you girls sit down together and watch the show after it filmed?
All: Yes!

VG: Any regrets?
Chrystina: They always filmed me crying!
Nicole: I know! I was always so serious. They didn’t show us having fun.
Natalie: We had a lot of great moments, but they didn’t show any of the fun things.

VG: And the fifth member of Girlicious should be.?
All: Robin Antin!

Watch the girls perform “liar liar” at Muchmusic: Live @ Much.